Valentina Magnano S. Lio

Valentina Magnano S. Lio

Partner with Scuderi Motta and partners

Catania, Roma


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Catania Tel. +39095445240/41 Fax +39095447397
Roma Tel. +3906-80662285- +3906- 80662286 fax +3906-8072985

She is an expert in administrative law and specializes in matters of procurement and public services, planning and urban development and European law.
Passionate about administrative law, she assists, advises and defends individuals and governments both in procedure and in litigation before administrative and civicourts, also as a correspondent, particularly in the following fields: public procurement of works, supplies and services, public service provision, land acquisition, building, urban planning and environment, expropriations, industry and trade, immigration law and human rights, EU law, liability – civil, administrative, revenue – of public administration, public employment.
She is a member of the Italian Association of Administrative Lawyers.
She graduated with full marks from Modern Languages high schoo, after which she studied law at the University of Catania.
In 2003 she graduated with honours in Law from the University of Catania.
She was accepted to the Bar for the District of Catania in 2006.

She is a native Italian speaker.
She is fluent in English and French.

Career overview
In 2003 she joined the practice where she began practicing law.
In 2006 she was accepted to the Bar.
She has worked as part of Scuderi-Motta & Associates since its foundation.

She has worked as an editor for the law website, for the Sicilian Review of Administrative Law, and for the law journal Norma. She was co-editor for a manual on public contracts.